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R & F Chemical is recognized for its differentiated technology and product excellence.

We are striving for excellent products through continuous investment in R&D,
and our efforts have been proven as we continue
to secure excellent products that have received patents and certifications.
We at R & F Chemical will continue to devote ourselves to research and development
in order to maintain and strengthen our competitiveness.


Date of filing Number of patents Related products
2023's 7 cases
2022's 1 cases Biodegradable and self-adhesive protection film
2021's 3 cases
2021's 3 cases Magicopper mask
2021's 1 cases Bioplus+
2020's 3 cases
2020's 3 cases Hot melt film for headliner and 2 others
2019's 2 cases Multilayer films for skin packaging and their manufacturing method
2018's 4 cases Self-adhesive thin protective films and their manufacturing method and, three others
2017's 3 cases Release films for forming artificial marble and Three others
2016's 1 cases Solar cell back sheet and method for preparing the same
2015's 4 cases Separator transfer films and three others
2014's 4 cases Protective films for multilayered polarizers and three others
2013's 6 cases Self-adhesive protective films for LGP protection and five others
2012's 3 cases Polyethylene film laminated by aluminium for packaging the display products
2012's 2 cases LCD protective films including a permanent antistatic agent and one other
2009's 3 cases Triple extrusion films coated with LCD-protecting antistatic agent and two others
all total 53 cases


  • RNF Chemical a patent certificate

  • 1st in 2020 Customer Impression Excellent Brand

  • Confirmation of Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business (Inno-Biz)